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Notes for Students

HTML Lists

Lists are a simple way of displaying a collection of information to your viewers. There are two kinds of lists, ordered and unordered. Both types of lists are very similar when displayed on a webpage and they have many similarities in their code too.

Unordered Lists

Unordered lists are lists that use dot points to represent list items. An example with the code can be seen below:

	<li>Item A</li>
	<li>Item B</li>
	<li>Item C</li>
  • Item A
  • Item B
  • Item C

Ordered Lists

Ordered lists a very similar to unordered lists with the a slight change in the code. A working example can be seen below.

    <li>Item A</li>
    <li>Item B</li>
    <li>Item C</li>
  1. Item A
  2. Item B
  3. Item C


Below is an activity to test your HTML knowledge so far. Give it a try.

		<title>Sample Page</title>


  1. Insert an unordered list with 2 elements
  2. Insert an ordered list with 3 elements