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Introduction to HTML

Welcome to my interactive HTML tutorial that are designed to help you learn HTML outside of classs.

What is HTML

HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language used to develop webpages, just like this one! HTML as a language is relatively easy to learn however acts as a fantastic way for anyone to communicate in a unique method to anyone with an internet connection. You can see the code for any webpage by right clicking a page and selecting "view source" (different wording on every browser).

HTML Structure

HTML code follows a standard set of rules. These rules allow your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) to display the page in the same format. The way that the standard is enforced is through the use of tags. There are five rules for coding with HTML tags:

  1. Tags are always surrounded by triangular brackets (less-than/greater-than characters). An example is <head>.
  2. Most tags come in pairs, they have an opening and closing tags.
  3. The "closing" tag always starts with a forward slash. An example of this is </head>.
  4. You can embed tags within tags however whenever you do, you must close the most recently opened first.
    An example is <head><title>My Page</head></title>.
  5. Some tags have additional information, these are called attributes. An example of this is <p align="center">.

About the lessons

These lessons will guide you though the basics of creating a website from nothing. While they do cover most of the basic elements of a website, there is lots of content that is not included. The introduction and basics pages should be completed first but the lessons after those can be completed in any order.

Once you complete these lessons, hopefully you will have enough of an understanding to research other elements as needed.

Begin Lesson 1: HTML Basics